While the latest trailer isn’t our first good look at the game or its setting, it did show off some new aspects of the JRPG that fans will no doubt be excited to analyze in the coming days. I can see the Reddit threads and videos now.


The latest Final Fantasy mainline entry looks to be a return to the more traditional high-fantasy settings of previous entries, while also featuring a new and updated combat system that seems to have more in common with Bayonetta or Devil May Cry than the slower, turn-based battles of older FF games. The game also appears to be going heavy on the grimdark Game of Thrones vibes, from palace intrigue and brutal death scenes to the complete lack of diverse casting and terrible excuses for why.

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FFXVI takes place in the fantastical world of Valisthea, where you can find magical mountains called the Mothercrystals and super-powerful humans called “Dominants.” These powerful folks can control Eikons, similarly powerful and deadly monsters that inhabit the world. Some of the main characters that have been revealed so far include Clive and Joshua Rosfield. These brothers come from a noble, longstanding family of Dominants, that also adopted Jill Warrick in an effort to end the conflict between a number of large nations that, alas, are at war with each other at the start of the game.


While fans had hoped to get their hands on FFXVI as early as this year, production progressed more slowly, in part because of covid-19. The global pandemic, which continues to create problems for developers around the world, caused a six-month delay back in December 2021. It’s now set to release in June of next year.

FFXVI is a timed exclusive, and after six months on PS5 it’s set to come to PC. And while we haven’t heard anything about an Xbox version, that might not be completely out of the question either farther down the road.