Fan Recreates Metal Gear Solid In Lego Worlds

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A fan tribute to Metal Gear Solid is always welcome, but when it comes with a hefty helping of Lego it is hard to ignore.


Lego Worlds has allowed for some really fascinating creations, including a Dark Souls replication, and YouTube user Craig Kelly has used the extensive Lego tools to do an incredible job of recreating Shadow Moses Island from Metal Gear Solid.

In the video, Kelly walks us through the different parts of the island, and they’re all surprisingly good versions of the “real” locations from MGS. Despite being mostly depopulated, the sheer architectural achievement of the whole thing is impressive. I also just respect the sheer amount of time that it took the build the entire thing, which Kelly says in the video is “thirty-something hours.”

Kelly also claims to have built the replica from memory, which is pretty impressive, and has even added the snowfield from Metal Gear Solid 4 in order to really create the fullest version of Shadow Moses.

Sadly, the build is currently missing its namesake, Metal Gear REX, but I am assuming that creating an accurate Metal Gear just takes a lot of time. I’m looking forward to seeing that dang Metal Gear.

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Nicholas Oliver

I remember reading years ago that Kohima and his team designed a lot of the areas of MGS using Legos. Everything comes full circle.