Last week brought us the "Hercules Check," evidently a glitch in which a skater could park his man six rows deep in the stands if he hip-checked him by the door during a line change. EA Sports, in an oh-fish-ee-al video, has now stepped forward to say, "Yeah, we meant to do that."

Tongue-in-cheek of course. That is NHL 13 producer Sean Ramjagsingh taking everyone into the mo-cap session that, ahem, produced the Hercules Check. Again, it's all about authenticity. When Boston's Zdeno Chara puts his ass into Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby, they want to be sure they get the aftermath 100 percent right. Just like their friends down in Florida wanted to be sure that Madden delivered as advertised, and that Tiger Woods can walk on water.


YouTube video uploaded by EA Sports

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