EA Sports Gets to Work Putting Assassin's Creed Canoeing Into Madden

Best Buy got a little too enthusiastic with its promotional copy for Madden NFL 13, promising features such as "slow-motion chain kills," pickpocketing unsuspecting victims, and a new pursuit system involving a canoe. Truly, this is how you innovate in the sports genre.


Yes, obviously, some Best Buy web manager accidentally copypasted a bullet point from Assassin's Creed III into the Madden 13 listing, but that hasn't stopped the folks at EA Tiburon. Sources inside the studio today provided to Kotaku this, ahem, exclusive look at a motion capture session for what appears to be real-time, Kinect-enabled canoe rowing, which will or will not appear in Madden NFL 14 next year.

Personally, I can't wait to see James Harrison's counter-kill animation. The non-canoe version of Madden NFL 13 hits shelves on Tuesday.

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I think I'm really starting to get the popularity of Madden now. Probably a good time to get into it. Are the sequels pretty accessible without the backstory? Or is it better to start with the first one? Can I import my character(s) from previous games?