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Explore, Survive, Role-Play: Here's The Latest Of Steam's Greenlight

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The city building game built by fighting game veterans and the "rogue-lite" with the awesome soundtrack are just two of the ten games that nabbed community-assured distribution rights on Steam this month. Let's have a look at who and what they are.


The first group, consisting of six games, was revealed yesterday:

Assetto Corsa

An Italian-made racing game with a focus on realism, featuring both single- and multiplayer game modes.



A survival horror game which takes place in Asia, and revolves around a group of high school students.

Ether One

A first-person puzzle-adventure where you play as a Restorer, an amnesiac whose job is to enter the minds of mentally ill people and fix them.


GunZ 2: The Second Duel

An online, free to play third-person shooter, sequel to the original Gunz: The Duel, released back in 2003.



A city-building game based around helping a group of settlers survive in a hostile fantasy land. Made by EVO Championship Series founders Tom and Tony Cannon.


The Forest

An open-world survival horror title in which you, as the lone survivor of a plane crash, have to survive in a forest filled with mutant cannibals.


This second batch of approved games was revealed a bit earlier, on the first of June:


An exploration game in the vein of Myst which takes place in an abstract world based on sound and music.



A first-person horror game inspired by the Slender Man mythos.


An old-school isometric RPG that takes place in a dark fantasy setting. The developers boast a whopping 100 (!) hours of gameplay.


Rogue Legacy

A side-scrolling roguelike platformer featuring procedurally generated locales, 9 playable classes, and a really good soundtrack.


Along with the ten games above, the Steam community also approved two software (ie. non-game) titles for distribution. These are:

Heaven Benchmark

A DirectX 11 graphics benchmarking tool which "hammers graphics cards to the limits."


Ohm Studio

Basically the Google Docs of music software; this nifty little program lets multiple musicians work together on the same project either simultaneously, or asynchronously.


So out of ten titles, we have three which are outright horror games, and two which have horror elements—I don't really like where this is going. But you might! Which of these games do you folks look forward to? I think I'll stick with Inquisitor and Stonehearth, myself.

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