Fighting Game Legends Want To Make A...City-Building Game. Of Course.

If you know the names Tom and Tony Cannon, it's probably for the fact they helped found, and have been running, the EVO fighting game championships for the last decade.

Software engineers by trade, who also helped on the engine side of things with Skullgirls, the brothers are now setting out to develop their own video game. And it's...about as far removed from fighting games as you can get.


They're pitching a project called Stonehearth, which is a little bit city-builder, a little bit RTS and a little bit RPG as well.

Starting with a band of settlers in a hostile, randomly-generated land, you have to build them somewhere to live, defend them and then help them prosper.

The game's blocky art style is reminscent of both 3D Dot Game Heroes and, from certain angles, old Zelda games, with an added advantage being that it allows for easy user-created modding of weapons and gear.


Stonehearth [Kickstarter]

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