EVE Online Gets A Box

Even as CCP works away at its secret plans for FPS domination, much is still afoot at EVE Online. This week sees not only the release of a major new expansion to the space trading MMO, but also news of the game's first proper retail release. In a box. And everything. Atari will be giving CCP a hand with the distribution, rolling out boxed copies in North America, Europe and Asia in early 2009. The boxed edition of the game will include the latest client software, 60 days of game time and all 9 expansions released online since the game's inception in 2003. UPDATE: As one or two readers have kindly pointed out, EVE did get a boxed release when it was first released in 2003. Please stop emailing now - Gmail is nearly full. CCP and Atari announce retail box distribution of EVE Online[EVE Online]


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