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CCP Teases EVE-like FPS, Console Strategy

While EVE Online developer CCP is currently focused on getting their newly announced yet unnamed largest expansion ever ready for next March, they definitely have some new tricks up their sleeves aside from EVE and the White Wolf World of Darkness MMO. At their annual fan festival this past weekend, footage was shown of a "Halo-like" shooter that took place on a planet like earth, with weapons and buildings reminiscent of the space MMO's art style. There was also footage of a land vehicle driving across the planet's surface. The folks at Eurogamer speculate that this new FPS title could be console bound, pointing to a future of EVE presentation at the event in which CCP heads Hilmar Petursson and Nathan Richardsson suggested a console strategy for the title, complete with a slide mentioning the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. CCP hints at EVE FPS News [Eurogamer]


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