Europe Grateful for Faster, Less Authentic Version of F-Zero

So, remember that at the end of last month, European (and Australian) Wii U gamers were hopping mad because their Virtual Console re-release of Balloon Fight ran slower—at 50 frames per second—and smaller, reflecting the lower refresh rate of PAL tubes from the 1980s. NTSC TVs had faster refreshes, meaning gamers in the States and Japan played it at 60 fps. Is that a big deal? This person thinks so.


Now, I myself admired Nintendo's commitment to region-specific authenticity, but then, I don't live in Europe, and as an American, I'm able to play video games as God intended for them to be played. Some folks across the pond were displeased, seeing no reason they should get a slower game with compressed graphics, as PAL refresh rates are no longer relevant to the game's performance.

Nintendo has heard their cries and will release F-Zero on the Wii U eShop at 60 fps this week, and it still will only cost 30p (or 30¢). So if you look at that video above, it means everyone will be playing the F-Zero on the left. The F-Zero that's better, faster, and 'merican.

Nintendo releasing US 60Hz version of F-Zero on Wii U Virtual Console [Eurogamer. h/t @VOOK64]



And how exactly are we supposed to tell the difference from a 360p 25fps video?