Beginning with Balloon Fight this week, Nintendo is releasing NES and SNES console classics over a new Virtual Console for the Wii U. Eurogamer noticed that the NES version of Balloon Fight in the EU runs slower—50 Hz compared to 60 Hz for the NTSC version of the game we get here in the U.S.. The slower speed accounts for the slower refresh rates of PAL TVs in the 1980s. (That video of F-Zero, uploaded in 2011, gives you an idea of the difference.)

Naturally, everyone over there has noticed. Now, I see two ways to look on this:

• How the fuck dare Nintendo release us a version inferior to the United States?! This is 2013, and if I can't play a 25-year-old Balloon Fight at 60 Hz my Wii U experience is ruined and I want my money back. What's that? It cost 30p? I want treble damages!

• Wow! Nintendo is so committed to authenticity it even re-releases the game playing at the same speed it did when I was but a lad! Thanks Nintendo!.


Yeah, I think we know how most chose to react.

Nintendo using inferior 50Hz mode for European Wii U Virtual Console [Eurogamer]

YouTube video uploaded by Vyothric

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