Enormous Tetris Stop-Motion Animation Created in Minecraft

The merry band behind the Bomberman mod for Minecraft have struck again, creating a colossal in-game stop-motion animation of Tetris—complete with a Game Boy surround (and startup screen!).

"I had to play bad or it would have take even more screenshots," says the creator. Probably also why he ramped up the difficulty to level 9, also.


If you want to hang with these guys, their server is public: a2zserver.net. Loads more merriment at the link below.

Minecraft Tetris! Our new stop motion. [MinecraftA2Z]

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I'm now convinced that this article was a test, to determine what percentage of Kotaku commenters would just watch the video and then talk about how much the guy sucks, without reading the actual article.

The number is distressingly high.