When Minecraft Meets Bomberman, Chests Explode

Explosives and destructible blocks have always played an important role in Minecraft, so it was only a matter of time before some blockheads recreated Hudson's classic multiplayer maze game Bomberman utilizing Mojang's building blocks. Let's blow some shit up!

Cuzic and Tempus of Minecraft A2Z came up with the idea to recreate Bomberman in Minecraft a couple of days ago, and now they've got a fully functional stadium in play, using TNT as bombs, dirt as the material bombs clear to open the playfield, and destructible chests filled with helpful items functioning as power-ups. The end result is, shall we say, quite explosive?

Not, I suppose we shan't say that.

As our intern Max points out, it's at least better than Bomberman Zero for the Xbox 360. Sadly those were his last words before he was killed for mentioning Bomberman Zero. Sad. I really felt like he was clicking.


Hit up the link below to grab the server information and go on your very own bombing run.

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Bombercraft! [Minecraft A2Z - Thanks, Kenzo]

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Unfortunately, this would be next to impossible to do now with the new tnt mechanics D:

all tnt has to be detonated via a redstone button / lever now, which would drastically slow down the game.