Please Let Me Buy Individual Joy-Cons To Mix And Match

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Earlier this week Nintendo announced two new sets of Joy-Cons that will release in October. Once they’re out, the Switch will have over 100 different color combinations, an impressive number of options even by the standards of the most devoted Nintendo fan. But the Joy-Cons are still only sold in pairs, making true customization an unnecessarily expensive proposition.


This week’s announcement adds three more colors: blue, purple, and orange. Reddit user Limeheadgames, who’s been diligently tracking every variant of Joy-Con currently out in the marketplace, recently published a revised chart of the 110 combinations that will soon be possible. Most of them, however, require you to buy at least two pairs of Joy-Cons, which at $80 a pop is nothing to sneeze at. On top of that, some Joy-Cons, like the special-edition tan-and-yellow ones released alongside Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu, aren’t sold separately from the Switch.

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Image: Limeheadgames (Reddit)

I really want the new orange Joy-Con. I’m currently rocking the raspberry pink and sour apple green set that was released with Splatoon 2, and the prospect of combining the green with the orange for a one-of-a-kind Apple Jacks Switch experience is too tantalizing for me to ignore. But I also can’t bring myself to buy yet a third set of Joy-Cons just to make the dream come true when I hardly ever play local multiplayer as it stands.

Ever since Nintendo started introducing new Joy-Con colors, the accessories have seemed ripe for an Xbox Design Lab-style approach to customization. Let me choose the exact color combination, or maybe even swap out the colors of individual face buttons—the multicolor face buttons on the special Pokémon Sword and Shield edition of the Switch Lite look especially nice. Given the steep price tag, the lack of a D-pad, and never-ending issues with Joy-Con drift, it doesn’t seem like much to ask. And for the love of Wario, please let me buy them individually.

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Ethan Gach

Notably, this is already possible in Japan, where you can not only select any combination of standard color Joy-Con and grips to go with the console.

You can also by Joy-Con individually. Like if only one breaks, or you just want one extra of a certain color.

Meanwhile the U.S. Nintendo store pretends like you can customize, but all it does is tell you what full sets you’d need to buy to get the desired combination.

Yes this is the hill I wish to die on.