EA Facing Another Football Cover Change?

Ah, and by that I mean association football, not "throwball" as soccer enthusiasts call American football. Seems that one of the coverboys

for FIFA 09, Maurice Edu (at right in the cover shot) of Major League Soccer's Toronto FC, is close to signing with Glasgow Rangers of the Scottish Premier League. That would make two football cover boys changing shirts in as many months for Electronic Arts. Players changing teams in the European domestic leagues is common, and Edu is nowhere near as iconic a player for TFC as Favre was for the Packers. But if Edu does end up with Rangers, will EA update their cover art with a downloadable/printable replacement? Will we see guerrilla shoops a week after he changes teams? It's one thing to second-class the sport over in the U.S. How would it be taken in Europe? Or since it involves an MLS player, would anyone even care ... Another Cover Change for EA? [XeNonX, thanks Ben] (Ulterior motive: A football post allows me to boast about San Jose dismantling Revolution 4-nil last night. We are absolutely the best last place team in anything on the face of the earth right now.)

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