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Drug Dealer Gets Three Years In Wii Bowling Case

Illustration for article titled Drug Dealer Gets Three Years In Wii Bowling Case

A Florida man whose home was notoriously raided by undercover detectives who stopped to play Wii bowling has agreed to a plea bargain that will send him to prison for three years.


Michael Difalco, of Lakeland, Fla. was sentenced on Tuesday to three years in the state pen and surrendered a ton of property under civil asset forfeiture laws. He was the drug dealer who caught narcotics detectives on camera playing his Wii, 20 minutes into a raid on his home.


The officers received "retraining" (i.e. an extremely uncomfortable bitching-out) and a letter of reprimand. Though Difalco's lawyer and other defense attorneys in the area raised objections to the police conduct, the search was not invalidated. The worst it got for law enforcement was a viral video of one rather jumbo-assed detective jumping up and down after nailing two strikes in a row on Wii Sports' bowling mini-game.

Difalco's charges cover pot, oxycontin, meth and other drugs as well as weapons.

Lakeland Man Sentenced In Case Of Wii-Playing Detectives [The Tampa Tribune]

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you know its a sad world when cops are so underpayed that they cant afford a wii and have to resort to playing it at a drug dealers house during a raid