Wii-Bowling Drug Cops Get Off Lite

A-member them law enforcement perfesshunals down in Florida who killed time on a raid by bowling up big scores on a drug kingpin's Wii? Well, 11 of them got sanctioned for their conduct, but not too hard, now.


All of them, whose names aren't being published because they were working undercover, got nastygrams and retraining. Nobody lost their job, which probably is fair. It was embarrassing as hell to the Polk County (Fla.) Drug Task Force but, despite the pleading of the kingpin's lawyer-mans, their conduct did not invalidate the search.

Caught in the blast: six detectives, a deputy, and four sergeants. The detectives got "a letter of retraining" (i.e.: Don't do that again, dammit) and "two hours of retraining." The supervising sergeants got a "letter of guidance" (i.e. Please, dammit, don't do that again) and "four hours of retraining." Retraining? Like what, how to put better spin on the Wiimote?

The Lakeland Ledger has the full story at the link.

Polk Officers Disciplined in Wii Bowling Incident [Lakeland, Fla. Ledger]

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