Dragon Age: Origins Slaying PS3 on November 3

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Good news, PlayStation 3 owners. BioWare has officially—for real this time—confirmed the release date for Dragon Age: Origins for the console that you bought, un-delaying the PS3 version for a November 3 ship date in North America.


That's not only two weeks earlier than previously planned, it's the same day the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Dragon Age: Origins arrive on these shores. The date was just confirmed by BioWare's Ray Muzyka on the PlayStation.blog. And yes, that does qualify as an exciting announcement.

Muzyka says they're "still working" on the European release date for the PlayStation 3 version of Dragon Age, saying that BioWare will "have an announcement on that shortly - still planned for some time a bit later in November."

While we did venture that BioWare was planning on dropping the widely distributed November 17 release date in favor of an earlier release, it doesn't appear that our guess for a PlayStation Home space was accurate. Muzyka said that the company is "exploring it" but has nothing to announce.

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I feel sorry for PS3 owners. PS3 versions of multiplatform games are usually late, buggy and generally crappier.

I mean, for them it's exciting news that you get to play a game on the same date as everyone else! #dragonageorigins