Download Multiplayer or Singleplayer First for Games Bought on PS4

This morning Sony put up this video showing off the PlayStation 4's interface, and if you can tune out the fake gamers and their overreactions, it offers a few interesting tidbits of what life will be like with it.

The big deal would seem to be the option to download a game's multiplayer or its singleplayer component first. The example shown is for Killzone: Shadow Fall, so we could assume Sony titles will take advantage of this feature, and it'll be left up to other publishers if they want to split things out.


There's a whole bunch of social networking stuff that hardcore gamers may not care for, but whatever, it's there. The share button is featured as well. It also looks like you can purchase games from a mobile web page or app and have them download to your console, in case your impulse buying habits really need that.

Perhaps the most unrealistic part of this video is that an attractive woman used her own picture for her PSN avatar. Or that she didn't turn out to be a man.

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