To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Yep, Finally Did It, Got The Squirt A Name

Wait, what's the name you picked? We went through the same insane process when we were trying to pick Tristan's name. My wife had a complex set of rules which meant we couldn't select any names that could be shortened, any names that rhymed with anything or any names that were onomatopoetic with Crecente. So we landed on several ( Sebastian and Tristan) and we both settled on Tristan. Me because I'm a huge Arthurian Legend buff and Trish because she likes the opera. We picked Connor for his middle name, but you don't actually have to give a child a middle name. Passports don't require it. In fact Trish says she doesn't have a middle name even though she actually has two very cool ones. I'd tell you what they are but I'm sworn to secrecy.

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