Yep, Finally Did It, Got The Squirt A Name

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Music in the Key of E3

After days of digging through name books and websites, we think we *might* have found a name for Micro-Bash. Man, it's been hard! I seriously have spent like an hour or more every morning searching for a good name.


The tricky part is that my family has last name, and "Ashcraft" in Japanese is a little kooky. So as I mentioned earlier, we hafta find a name that not only works in English and Japanese, but a name with two kanji characters or less — and "good" Kanji characters to boot. Plus, we didn't want to find a super common name, but not some totally strange made-up Engrish-Japanese name.

But! We think we sound something that works well in both Japanese and English and with really nice kanji. Naming kids in English is way easier — not having to worrying about things like kanji and freely picking names you like. But, it's done. Whew.

Now we hafta think of a middle name for his US passport.

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