Foxconn — the manufacturer of the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the Wii — held a rally at its complex in Shenzhen, China. Think of it as a pick-me-up for a factory that has made news for suicides.

What Foxconn rally wouldn't be complete without t-shirts, pom-poms and, yes, dudes in Spider-Man outfits.


Workers even carried signs showing their love for Foxconn's billion honcho Terry Gou. Nothing says "love" like carrying a sign. Nothing.

The t-shirts read: "Eminu Campus wear We are always at diligent"

In an effort to combat the suicide issue, Foxconn has been hiring more "mature" workers. Foxconn has also installed safety nets, nixed suicide compensation, raised wages and even considered moving factories to China's interior and increasing automation on the assembly line.


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