Foxconn's Latest In Suicide Prevention? Hiring "Mature" Workers

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To combat its recent rash of suicides, Foxconn has installed safety nets, nixed suicide compensation, raised wages and even considered moving factories to China's interior and increasing automation on the assembly line. The company's latest brainstorm?


Foxconn is looking at hiring more mature workers. This comes as last week a 22-year-old female worker fell to her death at a Foxconn manufacturing plant. Two types of anti-psychotic drugs were found in her dorm.


Each new Foxconn recruit will take exams that aim to uncover any mental health issues. The company is apparently aiming to hire more "mature" workers. Will "mature" workers be better able to endure Foxconn's shifts? Earlier this year, a young married man died after apparently working a 34-hour shift.

Foxconn assembles the Xbox 360, the PS3, the Nintendo Wii and the iPhone, among many other electronic devices.


The Independent has a piece up on the working conditions at Foxconn. It's definitely worth a read.

Foxconn sees thirteenth suicide; is hiring mature employees to avoid more jumps [Digitimes via Gizmodo] [Pic]


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Just curious, did you mean to say Foxconn's shits? Or did you mean shifts? Makes sense either way oddly enough...

I figured that the woman who fell to her death earlier in the week was a suicide. Although you don't specifically state it in the article the fact that she takes two anti-psychotic drugs can speak volumes. Not to mention as I previously said. It would be difficult to "fall" and not correct your landing into the safety net. By all purposes she probably went head first. Pretty sad.

Foxconn has been gaining a lot of press lately. While they maintain their suicide rate is lower than most companies (which is actually is considering they have an astonishing amount of employee's.) I think it's what's actually leading to these suicides that's the real issue. Which is Foxconn itself. As opposed to other companies suicides being more inclined to be outside work related.