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Another Foxconn employee has died. However, it was not by suicide.

A 28-year-old man, who married his wife (pictured) three months ago, died from exhaustion in Shenzhen in his rental house after working a 34-hour shift his family claims. No official statement has been issued regarding the man's death.


Yan Li was apparently suffering from shortness of breath.

This year eleven Foxconn employees have jumped to their death at the company's Shenzhen factory. Foxconn has recently raised factory worker wages to the equivalent of US$160 a month.


Foxconn manufactures the Apple iPod, iPhone and the iPad as well the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the Wii. Sony and Nintendo are investigating the issue. Apple honcho Steven Jobs has called the suicides "troubling", but has asserted that Foxconn "is not a sweatshop".

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