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Did Saints Row Actually Make Keith David Say 'Anal-Probing Overlords'?

Oh, yes it did. And Volition made Captain Anderson say a whole bunch more, too. You're gonna want to see and hear this, but not in the office/on public transportation/at daycare/your probation hearing.

Keith David stars, This-is-the-End style, as Keith David, vice president of whatever the fuck it is America has become in Saints Row 4. That's not it's biggest problem, of course; repelling this alien invasion with dubstep and dick-kicks is higher on the day's agenda. To do that, Vice President The Arbiter must rally the nation to the cause. What more appropriate time for this speech than Independence Day?

I rate this somewhat lower than Churchillian but definitely higher than Pullmanian. It's good to hear Barricade loosen up a little, not having to spout Orwellian crap about global forces for good, and giving it to us straight: We have to free the whole fuckin' planet, after all.


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OK, y'all. I've never bothered to play a Saints Row game. At first, they looked like GTA ripoffs. Then, with Saints Row 3, I started to think it maybe looked more like the GTA I knew and loved than GTA IV (which I found self-serious and a little boring). Still, I didn't play it. Can I grab this on and have fun with it without getting bogged down in a bunch of mythology?

It looks like this game is fun and fucked up enough that I probably can. Just seeking outside confirmation that SRIV will be as awesome as it looks.