Devil May Cry 4 DVD Case Offer

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And now for a value-added post, if you're a Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition owner, and live in the U.S.


There's an offer out on the Internets for a swell DVD case for the animated series DVDs included within. You also get $5 off your purchase of Vol. 2 of the anime. The Right Stuf International is taking the orders on behalf of publisher ADV. The site has the details and everything you need to order. It's $3.99, but clearly, this thing pays for itself.

Devil May Cry DVD Case/Insert/Coupon Offer [Anime Superstore]


I actually enjoyed the anime, although its a bit aways from the games themselves. In a way, its interesting to add some diversity, some may love it; and some may dislike.

Whatever the case may be, its promising; and hopefully it could continue with a new project.