Devil May Cry: The Movie | This isn't Capcom's Devil May Cry. It's Ghana's Devil May Cry. Big difference.

What did the Skyrim Gamer Say to the Skyward Sword Gamer?

Michael Fahey has now played Skyrim for more than 60 hours. Stephen Totilo has now played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for more than 40. Surely, these two have something to say about how these two games compare. More »


Modern Warfare 3 Developer Pleads for Better Metascores, Discovers That's a Stupid Idea

Why someone from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 developer Sledgehammer would consider its fan-voted Metacritic score worth a get-out-the-vote tweet is utterly beyond me. More »

Should You Buy Need For Speed: The Run? No.

With a cinematic slant, a Gumball Rally premise and the in-game assets of Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, Need for Speed: The Run is EA's latest and in many ways most interesting attempt at keeping the ageing racing brand relevant.
But is a cross-country race across America, women in tight pants... More »



Skyrim's Panoramas are Giant Postcards From the North

The world of Skyrim is a rugged, often beautiful place. The kind of place you'd want to send a postcard from. "Wish you were here, getting killed by giants", that sort of thing.
These panoramas, spotted on Reddit, give enormous wrap-around shots of the landscape of the latest Elder Scrolls game,... More »

The Most Elaborate PS3 Game Manual Ever Made

When Ni No Kuni was released on DS last year, it shipped in just about the coolest box ever, which housed an extravagant spell book. Well, early adopters of the PS3 version, at least in Japan, will get the same book.
You can see it in the gallery above; More »


These are Your Dragonborn, Kotaku Readers

The other day, I asked readers to share their Dovahkiin. Your response was...overwhelming. There were so many awesome avatars, in fact, that I figured it's only fair to celebrate them with a gallery of their own.
I've collected the snappiest, funniest and most badass Dovahkiin I could find. More »


Yup, the Zelda 3DS is Coming to America

First hinted at in a leaked Black Friday flyer, Best Buy employees are now confirming with Kotaku that, yes, the awesome Zelda-themed 3DS will be released in the US.
First announced as a European deal, the limited edition 3DS unit boasts classy Zelda heraldry atop a black handheld, and the bundle... More »



The Concept Art of Assassin's Creed: Revelations

So, the final tale in Ezio's saga, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, was out this week. Now's as good a time as any, then, to look at some of the wonderful concept art from the game.
These dramatic pieces are the work of Martin Deschambault, an artist at Ubisoft who's also worked on games like... More »

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