Modern Warfare 3 Developer Pleads for Better Metascores, Discovers That's a Stupid Idea

Illustration for article titled emModern Warfare 3/em Developer Pleads for Better Metascores, Discovers Thats a Stupid Idea

Why someone from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 developer Sledgehammer would consider its fan-voted Metacritic score worth a get-out-the-vote tweet is utterly beyond me. It is by far the most polarizing title among gaming's annual releases, so a user score of 1.7 is probably to be expected, given how much gaming's snobs cognoscenti despise all that it stands for. Besides, who gives a shit what kind of user-voted Metascore a game pulls? Is that really a publisher or studio's measure of success now?


But Glen Schofield of Sledgehammer Games poked that snake anyway. Noticing the game had a 1.7 user score on Xbox 360 earlier this week, he put out a call to his followers to counteract the slew of 0s users were giving it. "If u like MW3 go 2 & help our user score," Schofield tweeted in a message now erased, says Industry Gamers. "It's suspiciously low. Be honest but help if u agree."


WHAT. HOW DARE HE. Schofield was "immediately attacked," says Industry Gamers, and accused of fomenting "unfair boosting" of his game's review score. The review score that doesn't count. The review score that was, what, "fairly" bombed by 0 scores including this learned piece of artistic criticism:

omg xD diss gaem is soooooo baaaddd!!!! i cae'nt beeleave how mach too many diss gaem cost xP. aneone woo buy diss gaem is st00pid! XDXDXDXD srsly aall thse gaems aar the safme!! n00bs! XD :3

Call of Duty Developer Calls for Metascore Boost [Industry Gamers]

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Shinji Ikari

This made me laugh /sarcasm

"given how much gaming's "snobs" cognoscenti despise all that it stands for"

You pretty much put down everyone who has a brain with that comment

Only mindless sheep and snot nosed kids play COD games

that are generic poor excuses as shooters

P.S. The only "snobs" there are in gaming are those on the PC side.