Black Friday Ads Already Leaking; See Them for Toys R' Us and GameStop [Updated]

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You can get a head start on your Black Friday plan of attack with the circulars for two games retailers featured prominently in The Moneysaver each week. has just posted the Black Friday ads for GameStop and Toys 'R Us.


Highlights include several current titles dropping to $39.99 or less at GameStop. Battlefield 3, Forza Motorsport 4 and Tuesday releases Halo: Anniversary and Need for Speed: The Run are all $39.99. Rage and Sonic Generations will be $29.99. If you want Duke Nukem Forever, that'll be a $10 stocking-stuffer.

At Toys 'R Us, there's a Buy One, Get One for $5 sale that includes Rage, Gears of War 3, Need for Speed: The Run, Battlefield 3 and Forza 4. The Kinect Xbox 360 4GB bundle is $199, which is $100 off; a Kinect sensor itself is $99 ($50 off) and the 160GB PS3 Bundle is $199, $50 off.


Much more at the two links below. The video game deals are only on page 26 and 27 in the Toys 'R Us circular.

Update: You can also see the Best Buy Black Friday ad here. . Reader Jennifer B. also pointed us to the actual scan of GameStop's Black Friday circular and notes that it features the The Legend of Zelda 3DS bundle believed to be Europe-only. I've pinged a Nintendo of America representative to ask if this is an error or if it is correct.

GameStop Black Friday Ad [GottaDeal]

Toys R' Us Black Friday Ad [GottaDeal, thanks Veronica]

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