Destiny 2 Players Stomp Alien Ship To Death

Gif: Bungie / YouTube / Djxyz0

The Fallen Skiff never saw it coming.

Destiny 2 players have been dodging laser cannon fire from Fallen ships since the series launched. But unlike every other alien thing in the game, they’re not meant to be destroyed, appearing only briefly in-between hyperspace jumps to drop off fresh fodder for the Destiny loot grind. A group of players over the weekend had other plans, however, and thanks to a recent new glitch were able to break one of the Fallen Skiffs simply by hopping on it repeatedly.

Bungie / Djxyz0 (YouTube)

Player Djxyz0 shared what happened on their YouTube channel. Using the glitch to create fireteams of 12 players they launched the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. mission which happens to have been last week’s Nightfall: Ordeal strike. The first part of it tasks players with defending a Warsat against Fallen raiders. Instead of hanging out below while enemy ships bombarded them, they decided to all hop up on top of one. And then hop some more, and some more, until eventually the Fallen Skiff slowly sunk to the ground like a deflated balloon until it bugged out and disappeared altogether.


Bungie announced last week that it would be patching the glitch out ahead of next week’s update on March 16, but in the meantime feel free to defend the light with craven bouncy-castle tactics.

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That ship was three days from retirement!