Destiny 2 Glitch Lets You Launch 12-Player Raid Parties [Update]

Destiny 2 fireteams are usually capped at six, but players have recently discovered a glitch to bump up the size and are using the exploit to take on game’s raids in massive groups.


Twelve-player parties might be chump change for a traditional MMO, but in Destiny it can transform even the deepest, darkest stone crypt into a bustling space party. As Forbes reports, the glitch has been known by some Twitch streamers and other players for several weeks, but has only just started breaking out to the wider community as how-to videos detailing the trick make the rounds on YouTube.

Here’s one example from YouTuber Scrub, who attributes the discovery to Twitter user ChildCelebrity:

Players are achieving these meet-ups by creating two separate raid teams and then combining them at the very last second before launching the activity. When timed correctly, both groups will touch down together, letting them run through encounters designed for much smaller groups with relative ease and have fun in the process.

Destiny 2 has become a lot more bug-prone over the past year, leading to issues in high-stakes competitive activities like Trials of Osiris, as well occasionally causing issues with mission progression solo quests. This raid party glitch, on the other hand, is one of the cooler things to accidentally happen in the game since it launched. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Alice O’Connor points out, it can be both very chaotic and incredibly charming watching 11 other players run around trying to solve raid puzzles.

Unlike a lot of other glitches, this one doesn’t really seem to be hurting anyone. Of course, that doesn’t mean Bungie might not soon patch it out, especially as more and more players try to replicate it. The studio’s community manager tweeted ominously about it last Friday, so if you’re itching to throw a raid party of your own, you’d best try sooner than later.

Update - 10:49 a.m. ET, 3/5/21: Bungie confirmed in this week’s blog post that it will be fixing the 12-player bug by the release of Grandmaster Nightfall strikes on March 16. “You are free to party up until the fix goes live,” the studio wrote.

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I kind of wish that Destiny was more like a MMO. Not to the point of having 100 people in a zone but just more than we have now.

And I hate that each map is seperated in different zone with each they own matchmaking. If you follow a random during one of those zone changes, they will just vanish and on the next zone you are in a different matchmaking :\

I remember when they showed Destiny for the first time and a Public event started and plenty other guardians just came in to participate, yeah it never happens in-game...