Demon's Souls Celebrates Its Birthday With A Black & White Affair

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Atlus USA is celebrating one year of Demon's Souls today—the "biggest success" in the publisher's two decade history—giving devotees of the dark, dismal role-playing game a pair of World Tendency events to enjoy and/or suffer through.


Starting today, Demon's Souls first birthday in North America, the Kingdom of Boletaria is going "pure white," which players of the PlayStation 3 game know is a nicer change of pace. That lasts until October 18, Atlus says, when the game's world switches to "pure black" for the rest of the month, ending on Halloween.

Demon's Souls recently became a PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits release, meaning those of you out there who haven't enjoyed getting your ass kicked by Maneater(s) can do so on the cheap.

When Namco Bandai finally releases the game's successor, currently known as Project Dark, you're going to wish you had the practice. Trust me.



This game is so tempting, just seems to me that the way everyone talks about its difficulty I wouldn't finish it. I enjoy a challenge, but I also want to enjoy the game for what it is and not get so frustrated I throw it @ they guy behind the counter @ Gamestop when I go trade it in.