Yup, Project Dark Is Basically Demon's Souls 2

One of the most frustrating parts of this year's Tokyo Game Show is that very little has been revealed about Project Dark, a game that many hoped would be a spiritual successor to 2009 cult hit Demon's Souls.


One look at this trailer and you'll see that it's indeed wearing Demon's Souls on its sleeves. And it's pants. And it's hat. And what passes for underwear in this bleak fantasy universe. The same perspective, the same combat, even the same aesthetic. They should have just called it "Demon's Souls II, Only Now On The 360 As Well".

We still know very little about the game, so for all we know it could indeed be a direct sequel to Demon's Souls. But hey, even if it's not, one quick look at the trailer below shows it may as well be.

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I... I don't know. I've got so many thoughts, hopes and apprehensions it's hard to type them all in coherent paragraphs.

Will the shift to multiplatform lower the quality of the game? Are they just going to develop it for 360 and sloppily port it to PS3?

What about online? It can be hard enough to find people on Demon's Souls sometimes, will this split the playerbase and make it even harder?

I know the reason for going multiplatform is to get more sales, but could this end up hurting them in the long run? Not talking about the retards who fight over platform exclusivity, because fuck those people. But Demon's Souls gets quite a bit of flack from people who only played the tutorial/play it like God of War/haven't actually played it at all, I have to wonder if this will lead to even more negative impressions from people unfamiliar with DS who pick it up not knowing what to expect...

Also, for the love of god, can we back up our save this time? Thankfully I haven't lost mine, but I know a few people who have and it pretty much killed it for them.