Project Dark Is The Demon's Souls Team's Next Game

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Sony revealed a new title from the team responsible for hardcore hit Demon's Souls at its Tokyo Game Show 2010 press conference today. Project Dark was touted as something of a successor to 2009's PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls.


A short preview trailer for Project Dark was shown at Sony's press conference, full of demons and darkness and logos. The official Project Dark web site lists the game's publisher as Namco Bandai—the publisher of Demon's Souls in Europe—the genre as "action RPG" and the platforms as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It appears the game will be limited to the PS3 in Japan, but that global audiences will get to enjoy Project Dark.

As Demon's Souls was something of a successor to From Software's own Kings Field series, we wouldn't be surprised if Project Dark is noticeably different from its predecessor, while maintaining some of its design conventions.

Expect more information on the game in early 2011.


What's with the PS3 exclusivity in Japan? I see this for a lot of Japanese games. Is there some sense of isolationism that still pervades Japanese society, like "we don't want the American console to succeed here?"

I mean, I know that the 360 hasn't sold well in Japan, but couldn't that have something to do with decisions like this? I wouldn't be surprised if the 360's library in Japan is absolutely awful.

Maybe they're only releasing it for the 360 because Demon's Souls didn't do well, and they think "oh, well, there are more 360s out there than there are PS3s, so maybe if we made it for the 360 it would sell better," but they don't actually want to develop it for the 360; they're only doing it because they think it might have some more appeal.

Of course, maybe Sony's just paying them off, but that's the cynical argument.