Decorate Your PlayStation Home In Early Hellghast

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The Visari Throne Room personal space is just one of more than a hundred new pieces of PlayStation Home content flooding Sony's virtual world with tomorrow's update.


Killzone 2 plays a big part in tomorrow's PlayStation Home update, with the launch of the Visari Throne Room bringing with it a ton of new Killzone 2 items you can use to make you feel more at home in Home. Along with the influx of Killzone 2 merchandise comes the Post-Apocalyptic Apartment, guaranteed to make your high-tech virtual presence look more like a total dump. The update includes more than 70 post-apocalicious items dedicated to this new apartment alone. You can almost taste the radiation poisoning.

For those of you preferring to spend your time in PlayStation Home as a transient, there'll also be animated city t-shirts to help show off your civic pride, and animated glow sticks to help show off your love for animated glow sticks.


It's a veritable cornucopia of worthless virtual items you can spend money on! I'd point and laugh, but I frequent Second Life and have no room to talk.

Over 100 New Pieces of Content Releasing This Thursday in PlayStation Home [PlayStation Blog]

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if none of this free i dont care. i only keep home because theres some spaces w/ some games in them. i know ive played the Buzz quiz thing a few times.