Death of A Wii

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At the ripe old age of 3, my Nintendo Wii has officially gone to join the celestial Wii Music choir. Let's hope it doesn't take drums.


I first received my Wii nine days before Nintendo rolled out its new motion-controlled console to masses of gamers and non-gamers on Nov. 19, 2006.


That doesn't sound like a long time for a piece of solid state electronics to last. But let's compare consoles, why don't we?

The Xbox 360, a console that launched about a year before the Wii, has been beset with multiple deaths since visiting my home. While I typically have two of the consoles at a time (a retail and a debug), and it has been the most used gaming system of the lot, that does little to explain how over the course of three years or so I had ten of the consoles die on me.

Since then, and the inner tweaking of the consoles, I've had a clean run with no Xbox 360s dying at home.


The Playstation 3, which launched just days before the Wii, has had the best run so far without a single replacement of the retail or the debug console that I can recall.

So here you have it, the gaming console death ratio: 10:1:0

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What really, REALLY hurts about your Wii dying though:

All the VC/Wiiware games you had are gone.


Xbox Live? Download it all over again. PSN? It's saved on your account right? Wii? GONE.

bs, man....