Ten Little Xbox 360 Sitting in Their Graves... and Counting

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That's right, after a particularly good run I've had another Xbox 360 die on me. This time a debug unit. While the instances of Xbox 360 red rings have certainly dropped, I do still hear stories about the console's DVD player giving up the ghost. That's what happened to me in July last year when my last 360 died and that seems to be the case this time around. I was playing the end of LEGO Batman The Videogame when the game paused and a "dirty disc" error popped up on the screen. A few more runs at playing the game allowed me to get a few minutes in before the console crapped out on me again. Just last month my brother had his Xbox 360's DVD drive die on him as well. He recently went out and purchased a replacement Xbox 360 Arcade. For those keeping track I've now had a total of ten Xbox 360s die on me since the launch of the console. (That's counting debug units and retail consoles). Of those eight died with a Red Ring error and two died with perpetual dirty disc errors.



i purchased my 360 back in april of 06 and after two years, the dvd drive started not wanting to open without a little help.

but i purchased a new drive (same model) from ebay for like $40, swapped the motherboards between the old drive and the new one and that put me back in action.

i've only had the rrod error a couple times over the 2+ years i've had the system, but i just removed all the cables and plugged them back in both times and everything worked (and still does) fine.

i've had some game sessions last 10+hrs at a time, my 360 definitely gets more playtime than my wii or ps3, but it's (360) still going strong.

so anyone who has a dvd issue really should just purchase a replacement drive, swap the boards between the drives and game on. better than sending the unit to microsoft and waiting two weeks or so to get it back, and hopefully it being the same unit you sent to them.