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Dear God, Pokémon Unite Is Making Powerhouse Blissey Even Stronger

Blissey buffs are the name of the game when the Pokémon-flavored MOBA updates tomorrow

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Blissey, a pink and white, egg-shaped Pokémon, against a purple and orange background.
Image: The Pokémon Company / TiMi Studio Group

The next Pokémon Unite update is all about buffing Blissey, the developers announced this morning.

It’s been almost a month since Blissey joined the Pokémon Unite roster, surprising legions of fans expecting Blastoise (who was playable during the pre-release beta period and eventually appeared in the game on September 1) to join the simplified MOBA instead. That said, Blissey quickly proved to be a supportive powerhouse, fulfilling a much-needed role in the Pokémon Unite meta by bestowing all-important heals and buffs on teammates in equal measure. She’s also pretty hard to kill to boot.


And tomorrow, the rich get even richer.

Pokémon Unite (YouTube)

In addition to an overall Special Defense stat boost, Blissey’s Safeguard is also getting some increased functionality in the next Pokémon Unite update. The move removes all status conditions from the user and a chosen ally as well as provides a temporary buff that prevents hindrances like Sleep and Stun. With the update, the move will see its range expanded and cooldown decreased, meaning it should be able to help more teammates.


Furthermore, the shield granted by the upgraded Safeguard+ (which Blissey unlocks when she reaches level 12) will reduce more incoming damage on affected allies after tomorrow’s update.

It’s hard to say why Pokémon Unite developer TiMi Studio Group felt these buffs were necessary. Blissey is already one of the game’s best Pokémon by virtue of filling a niche that barely existed before her arrival and her kit is a tremendous help in team skirmishes. These improvements might be meant to entice players otherwise focused on duking it out on the frontlines or perhaps a way to prevent her from being overshadowed by last week’s long-awaited Blastoise debut.


In any case, it’s easy to see Blissey becoming a mainstay in Pokémon Unite competition following this update. She may be cute, but she’s a nightmare when a player on the other team knows what they’re doing with her. Be afraid, be very afraid.

The next few Pokémon Unite updates include bringing mobile platforms into the fold on September 22 as well as adding new playable characters like Sylveon and Mamoswine, release dates for which are still forthcoming.