Dead Space: Glimpses of Outer Space Carnage

Gametrailers put up this, the second teaser of Dead Space which releases October for the PS3 and 360. It's a backstory trailer, which justifies your reasons for hanging out in outer space with a bunch of rejects from the casting call to "The Mist," while dressed like Boba Fett stuffed into a radiator. I mock it because I doubt I'd play this more than 30 minutes without getting up to pace the room. Creepy games make me edgy as hell.

Dead Space - Exclusive Story Trailer


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I'm not sure if I wanna buy the game or to play it only during noon on a nice sunny day, and totally not hiding behind the couch, because I'm totally not a chicken. -.-;

Looks like a fun game that I'll enjoy playing with all the lights on.