Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man and Dead Rising, enjoys playing video games with his son. His son enjoys kicking his father's ass.

According to Inafune, his son is now in a rebellious phase. "So, he should really dislike me, but thanks to games," Inafune said, "we communicate quite well. Halo 3, Monster Hunter 2nd G, they all help bring my son and I closer."

Inafune's kid is very, very good. Inafune? Not as good. The game designer explains in the recent Bionic Commando podcast:

Sometimes when playing Death Match on Halo, my son would say, 'Dad, I'll give you a handicap. I won't use any weapons. See if you can take me.' The next thing I know, he's running me down in a Ghost over and over... So my son ended up beating me without using any weapons.


The real world and the game world, Inafune points out, are different, of course. "In the real world, I tell my son what to do, but in the game world, he tells me what to do," he said. "This kind of role-reversal is really fun for us, and I think it's a great way for parents to communicate with their children."

Elsewhere in the podcast, Inafune drops hints about the upcoming zombies-in-a-casino-game Dead Rising 2. Whether the game is set in Las Vegas or Reno is "a bit of a secret," Inafune said. The new main character has a "more interesting story," and the American developer making DR2 is "building up the weak parts" of Dead Rising.


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