To: Ashcraft
From: McWhertor
Re: But, Do You Want Mad Max 4?!

Oi vey! Remind me not to try to make hundreds upon hundreds of t-shirts the week before E3. This week was as hellish as it can probably get for a blogger/small time business man, as we tackled an insane amount of Meat Bun work (for us, anyway) in preparation for E3 and Comic Con. That's in addition to prepping for E3 and Comic Con for Kotaku!


After shipping off hundreds of tees on Wednesday and picking up another big batch today, we got another big order from a company I probably shouldn't yet disclose. Good news, to be sure, but I'm starting to understand what supply chain management is all about and why it's a Big Deal. On the fun side, I'm bringin' new shirts to E3! Woo!

I'll see your non-mullet this Sunday. For the record, I haven't had a haircut since February! Yikes!

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