Wii Getting Animal Crossing AND Punch-Out?

The fine folks over at N-Europe have gotten their hands on the latest issue of British Nintendo magazine NGamer, which contains some tasty information about the big N's E3 presence. Not only does it contain yet another mention of the all-but-confirmed Animal Crossing for the Wii, it also suggests that the Punch-Out series will be making its triumphant return. Punch-Out Wii supposedly will use the Wii Balance Board for ducking and weaving, while maintaining punching controls similar to Wii Sports Boxing and Rhythm Boxing from Wii Fit. The mag also explained that according to their sources, Animal Crossing Wii has been finished for some time, and while it isn't an MMO as previously rumored it does utilize Wi-Fi sharing.


While AC Wii is almost a certainty, Punch-Out is still firmly planted in rumor-land. Even though it sounds perfect, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high before Nintendo's E3 press conference. Now if only they could find away to combine Animal Crossing and Punch-Out...

News: Animal Crossing & Punch-Out!! Wii Detailed [N-Europe]

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