Animal Crossing Wii At E3 Already Confirmed?

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If Nintendo reveals the Wii iteration of Animal Crossing, we shan't use a single exclamation point in our liveblog upon the announcement. We already know that Nintendo of Japan has tentatively dated the game for a 2008 release at home and just assume that Nintendo of America will follow suit. According to the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine, it sounds like the announcement has already happened.


Tom East, online editor for ONM, writes on his blog that "those of you who have read the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine should already know that Animal Crossing Wii will be unveiled at the conference." QED, I guess.

Since we've yet to see any ONM subscribers excitedly spill the details from the mag online — if there are any details, that is, outside of the brief Animal Crossing Wii mention we've already seen — we're going to hold tight on this almost-confirmation. But yeah, Animal Crossing Wii. We'll be shocked if it doesn't come up next Tuesday.

One Week To Go... [Official Nintendo Magazin]


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