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To: Ash, Owen
From: McWhertor
Re: Shin-chan Explains Proper Poop Etiquette


Sometimes it's fun to play a few rounds of Who's Not Crediting Us Now, don't you think? Sure, I spend a good portion of my day filtering other people's work, in addition to hunting down original stories, but there's always an attempt to give credit where credit is due when someone from 1UP or NeoGAF or Variety or wherever breaks some news. Sometimes there's a slip up and we're sent a polite, occasionally terse reminder that we goofed, but it tends to be remedied quickly. It's curious how often we have to remind our British friends that they accidentally neglected to link back to us on a piece of news, whether it's the odd factoid, white hot Tifa hentai or data-rich quotes from Nintendo execs. Shan't lose any sleep over it, as I'm going into extended weekend mode and can't be concerned with such things, despite it being so common over the past fortnight.

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Brian Ashcraft

@Great Merol:

Think it's in MAXIMUM RISKY... :/