Shin-chan Explains Proper Poop Etiquette

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Yah man, seems like you've had a hectic month.

Yep! Here it is, truly amazing toilet paper. I found this Crayon Shin-chan toilet paper at the local supermarket. I just did a quick Google of Shin-chan, and I guess there's an English version? Here's the opening credits for the Japanese version with Akihabara girl troop AKB48. Anyway, the kid and the wife both love Shin-chan, so yeah. All the rolls of toilet paper (well, most of them) seem like they have different drawings. The one above has step-by-step instructions on how to take a dump. It starts with "Pull down you pants" and ends with "Wash your hands." Above is the pooping part. "Butt wiping" is after the jump. No, really.


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Illustration for article titled Shin-chan Explains Proper Poop Etiquette

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Bring Back Duckman!

What? You don't know about Shin-Chan? When I was in HK, they played the TV show like every week on a regular basis. And what about the special from last year where he met Masked Rider, didn't the kid watch that? Guy's like an icon, though not as great as Doraemon or Astro Boy. I personally don't really like him that much because he's a vulgar b-.

Nice toilet paper though.

@cordsie: ah, Demolition Man, what a messed up movie it was.