RE5 to have 2player Co-op, Cover System

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A series first. According to a now pulled GamesRadar article, Resident Evil 5 will feature a cooperative player available throughout the campaign which lets players drop in and out of co-op play. The new cover system mechanics will let players "lock to a wall and fire around the corner." When not in co-op model, the other character will be AI controlled. What's more, the game will feature a dodging movement controlled by the right analog stick, and the game will take place in more open areas than previous RE titles.


Resident Evil 5 [GamesRadar via Shacknews]

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mixed feeling about this rumor but it would take a lot more worse news to stop me from buying this game. This is coming from someone that DESPISES WITH ALL HIS HEART EVERY SINGLE resident evil game that it's not RE4. Im serious... I hated all RE games with their crappy key searching, lousy camera, insufferable backtracking, stupid lack of bullets, and horrible controls were a franchise I just couldn't stand. Until one day I tested with my own hands the gloriousness that's RE4 in a Gamestop once without, alas, everything I used to hate about those games.

Please RE5, be better than RE4 in every single department!!!