G4, Gamespy, Gamestats Reporting Imaginary VC Soul Blazer

Back on May 12th, Nintendo decided to skip their weekly Virtual Console update in order to focus on the release of WiiWare. Having posted just about every VC Update since the service began, I decided to post one anyway, asking our readers what games would make up their ideal update. My choices were Soul Blazer for the Super Nintendo and Tiny Toon Adventures for the NES.


Apparently I possess some sort of bizarre, mutant powers of suggestion, because somewhere between there and here, several websites began reporting the two titles as actual updates. I'm not talking tiny little sites like Wii60 either. IGN sites Gamespy and Gamestats ran with it...heck, G4 even went to the trouble of making a video about the imaginary update, which I am guess won't be up for too much longer, so enjoy while you can. Update - As expected, video went bye-bye.


I don't suppose it counts as plagiarism if they don't read the article closely enough to realize it isn't real.

Soul Blazer – The Virtual Console Release That Never Was? [Virtual Console Reviews - Thanks Aaron!]

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Mike Fahey

@Fabrice: We've never posted news specifically listed as pure, utter speculation that could be verified with something as simple as turning on our console as fact, no.