David Adams, the CEO of Crytek USA, has tweeted that he (or at least his company) is looking into buying the rights to the Darksiders series when it hits the auction block as part of the last sale of THQ properties.


This would be a big deal because Crytek USA is made up of refugees from Vigil, the former THQ studio that created the Darksiders series and developed both games.

Saying that the series "belongs in the hands of its creator", I can't honestly see Crytek getting too much competition for it; after all, the series was passed over by other publishers first time around when THQ's more lucrative properties like Saints Row and Company of Heroes were up for grabs. Unless a rival company was looking to hold off and grab it as a bargain, Darksiders might soon find itself back at home with its creators.

We'll find out how it all goes next month when THQ's remaining properties - including Homeworld - are put up for auction.


[David Adams @ Twitter]

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