THQ Selling Off Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction And Anything Else Of Value

Illustration for article titled THQ Selling Off emDarksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction/em And Anything Else Of Value

After the big auction for its top-shelf intellectual property and game studios last month, the bones of former publishing giant THQ have announced that the company's remaining franchises are now to be sold as part of a "court-approved sales process."


The series up for grabs include Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction and Destroy All Humans!


Final bids for the properties are due on April 15. THQ says it has already received over "100 expressions of interest" regarding "various titles" still left in its vaults.

There will be six items in total for sale, four properties available individually and two "bundle" deals, one for internal properties, the other for licensed IP.

Darksiders, Red Faction, Homeworld and MX will be sold separately. Big Beach Sports, Destroy All Humans!, Summoner and "more" are included in the internal bundle, while Marvel Super Hero, Supreme Commander, Worms and "more" make up the licensed pack.

If anyone would like to join me in buying Homeworld, here's the relevant information you need to know:

Interested bidders must provide: 1) complete identification, including the names of corporate officers or those authorized to act on the bidder's behalf; 2) written evidence of authority to enter into the anticipated transaction; and 3) proof of financial ability to perform the contemplated transaction. Only those bidders who meet all three requirements will be provided access to confidential information about each lot of titles once a non-disclosure agreement has been executed. Documentation meeting these three requirements should be sent to

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The problem with Darksiders is that the dev team works for Crytek now. If Darksiders is resurrected who knows what it will become.