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Dante's Inferno Dev Diary Makes My Head Hurt

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Conflicting emotions run rampant as I watch this developer diary for EA's Dante's Inferno, which turns one of the great works of literature into an over-the-top action game.

The game seriously makes my head ache. I made a study of Dante's Divine Comedy in High School, probing deep into the themes, his representation of hell and how his work has been integrated into the more popular perception of hell. To see it turned into an action title just makes me dizzy. What's worse, the game actually looks like something I would really want to play. Crecente went into great detail about the game and our expectations last week, and this clip just punctuates his thoughts.


Perhaps it's simply the fact that I feel the work should be treated with a certain amount of reverence and weight, and seeing impishly cute assistant producer Tracy Espeleta talk about how brutal the game is just makes the whole thing seem adorable.