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Cosplay Queen Eyes The World of Warcraft Movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Meet Alodia Gosiengfiao. She's a popular cosplayer, a gamer and totally interested in being a blood elf in the World of Warcraft flick.

But she doesn't just want to be in the movie, she's apparently had a meeting with Legendary Pictures, the studio producing the big screen version of World of Warcraft, to discuss the picture.


Legendary Pictures is the studio behind The Dark Knight, Inception and 300.

"Just met up with Legendary Pictures CEO&Founder Thomas Tull and Sr. Vice President Alex Garcia, earlier today at their office in Warner Boulevard re: their new Warcraft movie," Gosiengfiao wrote on her Facebook page (via Japanator).


"We met with Legendary about that movie, and they're considering for one of the characters," the famed Philippines-based cosplayer tells Kotaku. "Since they're just starting, they haven't done the casting yet." Nothing is set in stone obviously. Gosiengfiao tells Kotaku that she really hopes she can participate in the film and would love to be a blood elf.

Sam Raimi recently stated that the film was progressing slowly, and he has a 40 page treatment of the screenplay.


Unlike b-movie horror actress Michelle Morrow, Gosiengfiao *might* actually have a chance to be in the flick. The cosplayer will be appearing in an upcoming documentary about Comic-Con directed by Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame and produced by Legendary Pictures' Thomas Tull. "Morgan told Legendary about me for Warcraft," she tells Kotaku. "It was totally unexpected though it was pretty cool."


The WoW movie is still early in production and seems to be years away. But Alodia Gosiengfiao as a blood elf? Sure, why not. She's got the geek cred and will pull off the costume no problem whatsoever.